VIRTUALITY Blog writer. Head of the Art column.

Violet Boa

My expertise and interests,
Extensive experience with PR promotion via social media, web, and online streaming. Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Mixcloud in excess of 7 million online users, ranging from music, media, and art performers and promotions, dealing with radio station promotion and recognized artist promotion and event PR.

I carry this experience and passion into my second life, to promote and encourage artistic works here, widely connected in the beautiful and imaginative SL art world, aiming to develop and expand.
Currently pursuing personal and professional qualifications in my real life, yet as a creative and supportive person loving to devote my time and energy to match the flair and beauty of the Second Life Art scene.

My love for Art reflects my passion for life.
Smart enough to be witty,
self-effacing enough to laugh,
open enough to listen.
Experienced enough to have a say.

I work 24/7 and stay always positive, but
I got zero tolerance for; arrogance, disrespect,
racism, vulgarity & abuse in any form.

Your good attitude will open the *doors *
those will stay open only if your positive attitude is a habit.

Violet Boa
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