Stand w Ukraine HUD is a project to support the shops of Ukrainian creators. Get the HUD and visit the shops directly inworld, or, if you are a Ukrainian designer, ask for the pack to set up your shop. It will appear among the shops recommended by this elegant media HUD.

The idea of giving my contribution to Ukrainian creators has been around for a long time. Slowly the project took shape with the invaluable help of Archis Conundrum. Archis is the creator of the Allomancy System that allows designers to manage sales and bloggers simply and intuitively. I interviewed Archis in this article.
On Allomancy’s Facebook page, you can find the information you need to set up your vendors with Allomancy.

As I said, Stand w Ukraine was born from the idea of giving a contribution in terms of visibility to Ukrainian creators. As a result, any Ukrainian creator who requests it will be able to set up their shop to be visible in the HUD.

How to take the Stand w Ukraine Creator Pack and HUD

Ukraine Creator? Set your store taking the creator pack.Marketplace
A customer interested in supporting Ukraine Creators? Take the HUD for shopping.
Stand w Ukraine Creators Pack & Customers HUD

How to set up your shop for Stand w Ukraine HUD

1) Rezz Store Setup – UkProject v0.21 at your shop entrance, at the point where you want the customer to land.
2) Click on the object.
3) From the menu you have 3 settings: “set name” – “set logo” – “set description”. Click on each of these options and enter the required information in the box that will appear after choosing each of these options. Press submit when you have finished writing each of the required information.
4) Automatically, the Store Setup – UkProject v0.21 stores the location as the HUD’s suggested landing point for visitors. Therefore it is crucial to network Store Setup – UkProject v0.21 to the landing point. If you make a mistake, though, no problem: you can update the location by clicking on “update pos,” the last option you see in the menu after clicking on the Store Setup – UkProject v0.21 object.
5) That’s it! Your shop is set up for the HUD.

How to use the HUD

1) Wear the HUD object – Ukraine Project v0.22
2) Make sure you have media enabled.
3) The HUD shows 3 pieces of information for each shop: the shop name, description, and teleport.
4) You can minimize the HUD by clicking on the minimizing icon.

That’s all! Many thanks to Archis for making my idea to support the Ukrainian creators of Second Life possible with his scripter skills.

Important! Stand w Ukraine is a non-profit project. There are no commissions or payments required from us. The sole purpose of HUD is to create an inworld network to find and support these creators quickly and intuitively.

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