Like and Subscribe Second Life Photography Tutorial: How To Compose Images I thought to realize a video tutorial about how to composite images taken in …


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2 thoughts on “???? Second Life Photography Tutorial: How to Compose Images

  1. this is ok for understanding layer mask, butttt,,,, if is only to delete de background is much much easier than that, you dont really need any masks, simply take picture as u did in second life, but with a color that is not either in ur skin or clothing , lets say green, make sure your background is tick to full bright, thats so u dont get any shadows or unwanted lines,, take your snap, import to photoshop, unlock layer, now on the select menu choose, the tool colour range, u will see a little syringe, select the green background color of your snap, and hit the key delete, wallaaaa, all ur background colour is gonne, now go to layer menu scroll down to the botton and choose matting and defringe, put a value of around 22, and hit okay, what this does is delete any left over maybe on the edges, most cases are invisible to the eye, and Wallap u got a perfect erased background in under a minute, with same or better result than a layer mask, and much much easier and faster

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