It is with great pleasure that I present to you, dear readers, the November-December issue of 360 GRADI Magazine.
I know we have been absent for several months. Unfortunately, several commitments and unforeseen events have made it challenging to publish the previous issues. However, we are still here, offering you an information service that we hope will be useful to you and make Second Life a little easier and more fun.
In this issue, I have introduced the “Tutorials” section because I think there is much to be said about it. In this issue, which presents the column, I thought I would talk about photography, given its interest in Second Life users. Therefore, I will talk about it without being too didactic but taking care of the most intriguing aspect of virtual photography. Degoya introduces us to Cyberpsychology with his usual professionalism and capacity for analysis and criticism.
Frank introduces us to the art of AmandaT Tamatzui, who is, first of all, an artist appreciated in RL with her site where it is possible to buy her creations.
Jarla interviewed DeFoe, a photographer known and appreciated by many on Flickr.
Pino took us through his experience at “Where our Journey Begins,” a trendy location with photographers and renewed with every change of season.
Van Introduces Soso Sorbet, an awesome live singer in SL.
Honey takes us on a tour of the Hache shop, talking about its style and proposing images to highlight its unique style.
Finally, Ashley gives us valuable tips on how we can personalize our look during the autumn period.
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Sono disponibili anche gli articoli in Italiano: ne verranno aggiunti altri presto, controlla la pagina per essere informato.

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I love communication in all its aspects. I like to share my experiences, explorations, and knowledge with the Second Life community. I created the VIRTUALITY blog and 360 GRADI Magazine with this goal in mind.
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