I am delighted to promote these images selected from the Flickr group Artsy Lens.
Thanks to all those who published their incredible photos.

Artsy Lens was born to promote photography made in Second Life outside of Second Life. The Flickr group is part of the VIRTUALITY Blog project. Every month some images will be chosen to be massively promoted on the blog and various socials to communities of virtual worlds. By posting your photos in this group, you agree to be published on the blog and shared on social networks.
Image Credits: Lila Yheng [Sex’i Poses Owner]

#88 My Soul for Sale
Lila Yheng
Ella Pavlona
Hard night
Ethan Lane Jaymes
Dux Bellorum
Emeline Laks – Unedited
Ride or Die
Ethan Lane Jaymes
Slightly tilted.
Easy On Me.
Morgaine Blackrain
#90 Reptile (No edit)
Lila Yheng
Mina Arcana
In My Arms
Adam&Lya ♦ B-Rolls
Cloudtop arrival...
Ethan Lane Jaymes
Emeline Laks – Unedited
Matrix Spirt
Quietly Yours
Lya Seerose
Summer Vibe.
Morgaine Blackrain
Emeline Laks – Unedited
Be bold, be brave
Adam Cayden
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