Belleza, an eminent figure in the realm of mesh bodies within Second Life, has recently unveiled its latest innovation – Gen.X V1.4. This groundbreaking release introduces an intriguing concept known as Asymmetric BOM, allowing enthusiasts the freedom to adorn BOM tattoos exclusively on one arm, thus enabling the display of distinct aesthetics for each limb.

In light of this significant milestone, Belleza has collaborated with skilled artisans to present exclusive creations that harmonize impeccably with the Gen.X V1.4 framework. Let us delve into a closer exploration of these remarkable collaborations:

  • Velour: Embark on a journey to the Velour emporium, where you’ll find a DEMO for your examination and the option to acquire the renowned Picasso skins. Meticulously crafted, these skins amplify the allure encapsulated within your Belleza Gen.X V1.4 body. Visit Velour: Teleport to Velour Mainstore
  • Not Found Skins (Upcoming): Anticipate the forthcoming Hera Skins by Not Found Skins with eager anticipation. A visit to their flagship store will grant you access to a DEMO for scrutiny or, upon availability, the chance to acquire these skins. Prepare to be amazed by their splendid compositions. Explore Not Found Skins: Teleport to Not Found Mainstore
  • Mudskin (Upcoming): Immerse yourself in the Mudskin emporium, where a DEMO awaits your perusal and the option to acquire these acclaimed skins, meticulously designed to complement your Gen.X V1.4 physique. Immerse yourself in revolutionary textures and meticulous artistry by Mudskin. Venture to Mudskin: Teleport to Mudskin Mainstore
  • Pecheresse Tattoos: If ornamental ink appeals to you, embark on a journey to the Pecheresse haven, where a captivating array of tattoos awaits. Direct your attention to the SANCTUM OF UPPER TATTOOS, where a multitude of options awaits, beautifully embellishing your Belleza Gen.X V1.4 anatomy. Discover Pecheresse Tattoos: Teleport to Pecheresse Mainstore
  • Lɪʟɪᴛʜé Tattoos: For those with a penchant for asymmetrical tattoo embellishments, Lɪʟɪᴛʜé Tattoos offers a sanctuary of choice. Explore their establishment and discover a wealth of Asymmetric Tattoos, each perfectly suited to the unique essence of your Belleza Gen.X V1.4 form. Find your preferred tattoo: Teleport to Lɪʟɪᴛʜé Tattoos Mainstore
  • Mister Razzor Tattoos: Immerse yourself in the artistry of Mister Razzor Tattoos at their primary store. Explore their latest creation, the Hummingbird tattoo, available for a limited time at an enticing value of 75L. Elevate your individuality with these exquisite tattoos. Embark on a journey to Mister Razzor Tattoos: Teleport to Mister Razzor Tattoos Mainstore

Numerous other collaborative ventures await on the horizon!

To seize this auspicious moment, visit the Belleza Mainstore and elevate yourself to the esteemed echelons of the Belleza Gen.X V1.4 embodiment. This enhancement unveils boundless possibilities. Embrace the GEN.X revolution without delay! In celebration of the Gen.X V1.4 assimilation, Belleza extends a captivating 50% discount until August 20th. Regardless of your preference for Lite, Regular, Premium, or Fatpack variants, an array of pricing options is available within this temporary offer.

  • GEN.X Lite: 1550L (original price 3099L)
  • GEN.X Regular: 1750L (original price 3499L)
  • GEN.X Premium: 2750L (original price 5500L)
  • GEN.X Fatpack: 4400L (original price 8800L)

Seize this exceptional occasion to indulge in a rewarding acquisition, whether for yourself or a cherished companion. Bestow the gift of distinctiveness and aesthetic grandeur. For more details about the enhanced Belleza mesh form and upcoming releases, I encourage your engagement with their in-world communities and vigilant attention to their social media channels. Access all relevant links here: Belleza Linktree

The arrival of the Gen.X V1.4 enhancement by Belleza marks a pivotal epoch in the tapestry of mesh forms within the Second Life universe. The pioneering Asymmetric BOM feature empowers users with unprecedented self-expression. By adorning BOM tattoos asymmetrically, a kaleidoscope of distinctive appearances is unlocked, elevating the embrace of individual style to new heights.

To stay informed about upcoming releases and explore the intricacies of the enhanced Belleza mesh form, I invite you to join their in-world communities and navigate their extensive social channels. The possibilities are limitless – seize the moment and immerse yourself in the GEN.X revolution today!

Explore Belleza’s Linktree for more information.

Teleport to Belleza Store

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