Today I would like to talk to you about a real artist, that is, an artist who does her works in real life and imports them into Second Life to share them with the explorers of this fascinating virtual world.
The artist in question is called Traci and is a guest at the Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery owned by Dido Haas, an art curator. Let’s explore together this fantastic performance in November at Nitroglobus!
The performance that is staged this November at the Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery is CAMOUFLAGE by Traci. In the description of this video, I leave you all the useful references to deepen your knowledge of this artist’s works exhibiting for the first time.
At the point of arrival at the gallery, you can take the useful information to better understand Traci’s expressive mode and her mode of operation.
As Dido rightly anticipates in the explanatory notecard, Traci is characterized by exhibiting works made in real life but which no longer exist.
They are, in fact, works realized through material occasionally recovered for the occasion: magazine clippings, dirt, stones, tape. The material is then placed on layers of painted glass: layer upon layer until the idea begins to crumble.
At this point, the artist takes a photograph of her work, just before the creation is destroyed.
Traci creates a skillful work of camouflage of animals and objects through light, colors, and materials. Her intention is, therefore, to hide more than reveal.

Dido Haas introduces Traci’s art

I am super proud to introduce the art of RL/SL artist Traci, who is exhibiting her work for the first time in an SL gallery.
When Traci’s friend Nico mentioned her art to me and urged me to come and look at it, I hesitated as I’d never exhibited RL art at my gallery. However, after meeting Traci and looking at some of her colorful expressive art on the walls of her SL house, I decided to invite her for the November slot at my gallery.

What intrigues me most is that in fact, we are looking at images of no longer existing artworks. Tracy explains her working method extensively in this NC, please read it and enjoy this exhibition.

Dido Haas, curator/owner Nitroglobus

CAMOUFLAGE explained by the artist herself

Camouflage is the use of any combination of materials, coloration, or illumination for concealment, either by making animals or objects hard to see or by disguising them as something else.

The idea for this exhibition came from the (not recent) realization that, for quite some time, my life and work has been driven in some way by the desire to lose myself. In both RL and SL I’ve spent many years trying to find a level of ‘exposure’ I’m comfortable with. A lot of these feelings and experiences have fed into my RL artwork (of which this exhibition showcases a selection of) and my ‘Second Life’ where I’m beginning to wonder who is really obscuring who.

The artwork shown here does exactly what artwork shouldn’t do, which is, it does it’s best to camouflage the real subject or idea. My method of working usually revolves around the collecting of objects (Magazine cuttings, dirt, stones, tape) which are then laid out on glass layers, painted on, layer upon layer until the idea starts to fall apart. At which time, it’s photographed or scanned at the moment of collapse and gone. The moment is cleaned away and all that’s left a captured image of something now gone.

Included for the first time here are also 4 new pieces dealing more directly with the blurring of identity in the virtual and real-world, combining digital images captured in Second Life with my usual work to show it’s not always easy to know who is wearing the disguise.

My Youtube Video


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