Date: 19th of August, 2023
Time: 9:00 AM SLT
Venue: ~ Photo Cafe’ ~

Unleash your creativity and embrace a world of transformation as Moki Yuitza’s remarkable recycled art installation, “Genesis,” takes center stage. The mesmerizing spectacle unfolds at the intersection of rebirth, personal liberation, change, and metamorphosis. Like the awe-inspiring journey of a caterpillar into a butterfly, this Expo is a liberation from the confines of the past.

Kickstarting the event at 9:00 AM SLT is an enchanting DJ set by Ⴆҽҽ (Filipa Emor), setting the perfect mood for an immersive experience.

At 10:30 AM SLT, DJ set BookaB will transport you to another dimension. Let the music guide your exploration of “Genesis” as you delve into the nuances of change and renaissance.

“GENESIS” is more than an exhibition—it’s a journey. It encapsulates the narrative of liberation, echoing the tale of emergence from the cocoon of the past. A tale that only art can so eloquently tell.


Intrigued by Moki Yuitza’s installation “Genesis”?

Step into her world as she answers key questions that shape her creative vision:

What Inspired Your Choice of the Title “Genesis” for Your Installation?

Moki: ” “GENESIS” is the tale of rebirth, personal liberation, change, and transformation. Like a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly, freeing itself from the petrified vestiges of the past.”

Could You Share the Key Symbolism or Metaphors Embedded in Your Installation?

Moki: “The images are built on the contrast between the naked body emerging from the hard rock, dressed only in its internal light, to represent the fragility of the newborn being and at the same time its strength capable of breaking ties and constraints.”

How Did You Approach the Selection of Materials and Techniques for “Genesis”?

Moki: “All the backgrounds have been built and textured by me expressly for these images, built around the poses and my avatar. The final panels were also made by me, with a bas-relief technique that creates a movement on the surface of the image depending on how the light hits it, to transmit the internal tension generated by the force needed to break the surface.”

What Emotions or Responses Do You Hope to Elicit from Viewers of Your Installation?

Moki: “I would like them to be able to perceive the tension of the images, but in general, what I try is to generate a feeling, a sensation, whatever it is.”


Expo Special Thanks: A Heartfelt Gratitude

This extraordinary Expo wouldn’t have graced our virtual realm without the unwavering support of Dixmix Source. His belief in Moki Yuitza’s abilities and dedication has paved the way for this captivating exposition. Through his gallery, a haven for innovative artistry, Moki’s vision shines brighter.


Moki Yuitza, an explorer of the virtual realm since 2008, reveals her journey through the metaverse. From humble beginnings to mastering the art of creation, Moki has transcended boundaries. With a penchant for prim building, she’s expanded her horizons to encompass photography and diverse builds.

Captured through the lens of her active Flickr profile, Moki’s latest creations are a testament to her artistic evolution: Moki´s Flickr.


The Maestros Behind the Scenes: The Photo Cafe’ Staff

Organized by the remarkable Photo Cafe’ Staff, including Kika Yongho, Duraya Resident, Kapaan Resident, and DaneAlbion Resident, this event is a testament to their dedication and passion for curating exceptional experiences.

Stay connected with ~ Photo Cafe’ ~: Google Events CalendarOfficial Website Flickr Group


Mark your calendars for the 19th of August, 2023, as “Genesis” unfolds its captivating tale of transformation at ~ Photo Cafe’ ~. Prepare to be awed, inspired, and liberated as Moki Yuitza’s recycled expo breathes life into the virtual realm.

This is an experience not to be missed—a symphony of art, music, and metamorphosis awaits you.

MOKI YUITZA – Biography English

“I came into existence in Second Life on May 16, 2008,
and I was immediately captivated by the limitless opportunities presented by this metaverse.
Soon after my birth, I embarked on a quest to comprehend how to bring forth something uniquely my own, how to materialize the visions I held within my mind’s eye. To achieve this, I initially engaged in building courses, which enabled me to grasp the foundational principles. As time progressed, I ventured into experimentation and delved into the diverse potentials offered by Second Life, including physics, illumination, and projections.

Right from the outset, I found myself most at ease working with the essential building blocks that Second Life provides. Through fundamental shapes and subtle manipulations, virtually anything can be crafted. Despite recognizing the capabilities of meshes, my creative endeavors remain predominantly rooted in the use of basic building elements.

In the realm of reality, I am an architect, and within this virtual metaverse, I discovered an avenue to manifest my conception of space and my architectural aspirations. Furthermore, this platform has bestowed upon me the ability to share my visions with others.”

MOKI YUITZA – Biography Italian

“Sono nata in Second Life il 16 maggio 2008,
e sono stata immediatamente affascinata dalle infinite opportunità offerte da questo metaverso.
Poco dopo la mia nascita, ho intrapreso un viaggio alla scoperta di come creare qualcosa di unico, di come tradurre in realtà le visioni che avevo nella mente. Per farlo, ho inizialmente frequentato corsi di costruzione, che mi hanno permesso di acquisire le basi fondamentali. Col passare del tempo, ho sperimentato e approfondito le potenzialità offerte da Second Life, tra cui la fisica, l’illuminazione e le proiezioni.

Fin dall’inizio, ho scoperto che mi trovavo maggiormente a mio agio lavorando con gli elementi essenziali che Second Life offre. Attraverso forme fondamentali e sottili manipolazioni, è possibile creare praticamente qualsiasi cosa. Nonostante riconosca le capacità delle mesh, i miei sforzi creativi rimangono principalmente radicati nell’uso degli elementi di Costruzione di base.

Nel mondo reale, sono un’architetta, e all’interno di questo metaverso virtuale ho scoperto un canale per manifestare la mia concezione dello spazio e le mie aspirazioni architettoniche. Inoltre, questa piattaforma mi ha donato la capacità di condividere le mie visioni con gli altri.”

Blog by Violet Boa – Virtuality PR Representative

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