Event started June 1st and is running until 1st August 2021

Creations Park – “Back to 1955” Event – 1950´s America – Photography Competition

Teleport – Creations Park – “Back to 1955”

“This summer, Creations Park is offering a totally new experience to celebrate it’s 10th year of raising funds for Team Fox. Over the space of 2 months, visitors can immerse themselves in Hill Valley, the iconic town square featured in the original “Back to the Future” movie.

Michael J Fox, who starred in the movie was diagnosed with Parkinsons at the age of 29. He established his foundation in 2000 and Team Fox has since become the largest non-profit funder of Parkinson’s Disease research in the world, having funded more than $1 billion in research programs to date.
Creations Park was founded in 2011 by Barbie Alchemi and her mother Fran Seranade; not only to raise funds for Team Fox, but to shed a light on Parkinson’s Disease and provide information and support for the individuals whose lives it touched. Over the last 10 years, over 500K USD has been raised in SL through their work for the charity. This year also marks the 60th birthday of Michael J Fox so a double celebration was in order.

The entire town square of Hill Valley has been carefully recreated on a special parcel for visitors. Within this space there will be a special sales event with retro themes, 1950s music and dance, an exclusive Mini-Hunt and a photography competition with a 1000L prize. There will also be an “Enchantment Under the Sea” prom dance on the 9th of June held in the newly refurbished Savoy Ballroom.”

“We hope that visitors will enjoy themselves dressing up and feeling like they are really a part of the time-period, or even as if they are in the movie.” Aura Fitzgerald (Auricrose Resident)

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