Dixmix Gallery currently presents,

“Spring” by Fiona Fei in the entrance of the gallery!

“Marginal Mannerism” by Bamboo Barnes at “Amalfia Gallery”Interview with Bamboo Barnes

“Wandering and Watching” by Melusina Parkin at “Amona Gallery”

“Ordinary Angels” by Awesome Fallen at “Abby Gallery”

Installation “Apsara” by Theda Tammas in the “Womb”Interview with Theda Tammas

On the upper floor you will find new selected art by Megan Prumier and Dixmix Source.

Dear art Lovers,

On behalf of all our Artists, you are sincerely invited to use this avail golden opportunity and take a closer view

on current presentations at Dixmix Gallery.

Best regards,
Violet Boa Dixmix Gallery P.R

Dixmix Gallery “the place to be” Teleport

Dixmix Source – Curator of Dixmix Gallery

Website – Facebook – Flickriver

Art Promotion

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