Customize with me: genus Classic Head + Maitreya – Martina shape

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I had fun creating Martina‘s shape. Martina is an imaginary female character. She has an elegant form, and it is designed to be realistic in the photos.

The head is by Genus Project (Normal) and the body is by Maitreya.

My customization doesn’t include BOM activation: the skin of the head is Glam Affair and fits perfectly with Maitreya’s nuances, so there is no extra cost.

When you wear your Genus Project’s mesh head if you realize that the HUD doesn’t seem to work, remember to activate all levels (from the HUD itself). Sometimes they are disabled by default.

For more details about this shape, I suggest you watch my video.
You can find Martina’s shape on the Marketplace at the following link:

Youtube Video

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