This edition of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature one of the most highly anticipated events of the year on our cover, Summerfest. We also introduce a new monthly feature, “Ask Noey,” with Noey Ivy London Flower with her advice column. For the Proust Spotlight, we are now teaming up with Blogger & Vlogger Network to highlight one of their members each issue, this month we have: Johanna Nirevil-Frost. From there, we asks residents for our “Voices from the Grid” piece to share, “What is the best part about you?” Be sure to check our other monthly features: “Through the Lens” with Taylor Wassep showing us summer days, “The Artist Highlight” with Ororo Carnivale, “The World of Roleplay” with Cocoa Bay, “Trending Now” with wedding fashion, “The Art Perspective” with the work of Solkide Auer and “The Adventures of…” with The Last Forever.

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