ECLIPSE Magazine July 2019

This issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature Cajsa Lilliehook on the cover and share “The Storyteller’s Tale.” We also showcase the Beta Omega Iota Zoo and FeverFete: A Shopping & Live Music Event. On the Home & Garden front, we pair it “At Home With” and “SL Fiction” to showcase the home of character’s Denna and Rylan. Our bimonthly “Tour of Homes” returns with resident’s opening their homes until the 29th of July to visitors. Be sure to check out “Through the Lens” with Grace, Taylor & Tempest, “Proust Spotlight” with Kimmy Ridley, “Voices from the Grid” where residents share what they value most in Second Life friendships and “The Wayfarer” featuring Copper River.

Oema Pralou

Oema Pralou

Just Another Virtual Explorer!


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