a screenshot of Isabelle smelling flowers in her office. the camera is using a fisheye lens so she looks goofy and round.
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Gyroids and a new camera and Kapp’n, oh my!

Surprise! Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ massive 2.0 update got an early release on Wednesday evening. Originally scheduled to be released on Friday, Nov. 5, the New Horizons update went up about a day early on Nintendo Switch.

Now, fans are scrambling to unearth all the treasures hidden within it, and boy, have they struck gold. While there were plenty of known additions — like the arrival of Brewster’s cafe and the return of familiar faces like Kapp’n — fans have already found even more exciting new features.

The update is a veritable treasure trove of new details waiting to be discovered, and fans have posted plenty of screenshots showing off what’s excited them so far. That has included everything from wacky new items (including an entire volcano you can add to your island) to the new first-person camera. We’re also seeing the addition of characters who weren’t announced at the New Horizons Direct in October, like Isabelle’s brother, Digby. Here’s everything we’ve seen fans chattering about online as people start to dive into the update.

A new first-person camera with fisheye lens

The New Horizons 2.0 update has added a suite of new features to your phone’s camera. Now, players can take first-person photos and add on filters. It not only brings a fresh perspective, but it has also allowed people to take cute and goofy photos of their villagers using the new camera’s fisheye lens.


The wiggly, wobbly statues of the Animal Crossing world are back in a big way. The update has added loads of Gyroids, all with their own unique attributes. Here are a few especially cute and weird ones that people have posted about.

Even more familiar faces have come back

Animal Crossing favorites who weren’t previously available in New Horizons have made a surprise return. Now you can play with Digby, Isabelle’s brother, as well as the entirety of Kapp’n’s family. Oh, and Resetti finally made his big return. The gang is all here!

New decorative items, including a volcano and a CPR dummy

One Animal Crossing fan account posted that by their estimate there were over 3,000 items added to the game. Fans have been picking out some of the items that stand out to them, including an entire volcano (don’t worry, it’s dormant) as well as a CPR dummy. One lucky fan also encountered the gamer setup as well, which includes a reference to the chatting app Discord.

Introducing: The bear plush backpack, plus other cute accessories

New items also mean new ways to accessorize and dress up villagers. There are plenty of new trendy items, and a lot of people have already pointed out one item of note: a plush bear backpack. That backpack comes in addition to plenty of other cute pastel bags that fans are excited about.

The update has been out for less than a day now, and fans have already pointed out plenty of new additions. Beyond that, players have also been excited about new quality-of-life features, as well as a recipe that will finally allow you to use all the sea bass. For now, the Animal Crossing world is the fans’ oyster!

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