EXOPLANET – “One Step Further” by Gem Preiz

February 22nd – 1 PM SLT

The Akipelago presents,

EXOPLANET – “One Step Further” by Gem Preiz

Musical accomplishment by Dixmix

EXOPLANET – The Akipelago Teleport

Description of Grand Opening event:

EXOPLANET “One Step Further”

” One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. ” (Neil Armstrong – July 20th 1969)

I invite you to take one step further by exploring Exoplanets through an exhibition of fractals, displayed in a sci-fi environment in The Akipelago. EXOPLANET is a project in two parts. The first one, « One Step Further » opens on 22.02.2022.

The second part will open later this year, and will lead us further into space. Both contain a fractal exhibition displayed in a science-fiction environment. « One Step Further » invites visitors to participate in the promising next phase of space exploration, as crew members of a space base — installed on the surface of an extraterrestrial moon or planet — prepare to move further out towards life-hosting exoplanets.

The Exoplanet installation does not intend to look realistic and even consistent from a scientific point of view. Rather, it aims to create an immersive 3D environment which evokes space exploration. It uses deliberately, as all my builds, simple prims with their SL attributes (bumpiness, shininess, alpha etc. …) and does not rely on meshes or textures to reproduce reality — except for crew avatars. The purpose of the combined mixture of fractals and 3D interactive build, is to make them resonate: the space base offers an immersive 3D experience, even if it is in a simplistic environment, while the fractal images show a complexity impossible to reproduce in 3D.

We hope you will be able to attend the opening event, and we look forward to welcoming you.”


Akiko Kinoshi – Owner of Akipelago Islands

Follow, Akiko Kinoshi – Owner and builder of Akipelago Islands

The Akipelago Dixmix P.R 

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