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The famous art gallery Nitroglobus Roof, owned and artistically curated by Dido Haas, hosts throughout September the photographic exhibition of Nathaniel Jehangir and Poupée Anna-Nana.

The title of the collection is “Extreme,” which partly suggests the theme of the gallery. I say “in part” because without reading the artists’ presentation, it would be difficult to understand its meaning entirely.
The presentation is precious because it marks the path, the trail to follow that accompanies the visitor by the hand only up to a certain point; arrived at a crossroads, the first available, it leaves his hand and allows him to wander with his mind towards his (personal) interpretation.

So what is this path, this trail? “Extreme” evokes extreme emotions: each of us has experienced them during his journey, and they determined the choices, reactions, and much of the life we ​​have traveled up to this moment.
Extreme emotions aren’t (necessarily) traumas – they can be, but the edge of emotion is subjective. For some, an event that is not of great importance to others is of significant impact.
In any case, it is the emotions that affect our lives, for better or for worse.

More specifically, the emotions the two artists refer are those that determine a repetition of choices, reactions, and behaviors that block us, that do not allow us to seize the opportunities that life offers us every day.
This theme is in the presentation, where we read:

Each of us has deep-rooted extreme feelings, often based on traumatic experience, that can be hard to control. We often aren’t even aware of these feelings.
Sometimes these feelings make us move around in circles, influencing our relationships with others and our self-awareness. It’s only through self-awareness that we can see and free ourselves from these feelings to step out of the ‘circle’.

We present these extreme feelings here in our images, each of us in our way.
We are two distinct artists, two different views and ways of interpreting the same themes.

We limit the description of this exhibition to what you find here. You are left with only the essentials. You, the viewer of this art, must find room in your imagination to find meaning in each piece. We will not block that with a lot of words.

We are happy that you are here and wish you an intense experience.

Nathaniel Jehangir & Poupée Anna-Nana

Therefore, it is up to the visitor to interpret the images, according to his feeling and based (why not) on his emotional blocks caused by his extreme emotions.

Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery


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