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2 April 2021 – 1 PM SLT

Dear friends,

we extend a cheerful welcome to

Feline party with Dixmix at Club “Black Pussy” in the Drune Diesel City

(Diesel-punk/ Deco punk genres -Movies of the genre: Blade Runner/Gotham is all 1940s Noire)

Dress Code: Diesel-punk. Retro-military uniforms, long raincoats or curly mustaches.

Ladies with cigarette holders, catsuits or the Coco Chanel-look.

Drune Diesel City Teleport

Join us for one extraordinary event at one wonderful Diesel-punk designed area!

Welcome to Drune Diesel City

This sim explores the Dieselpunk/ Deco punk genres
What is written here and the sim itself are just my personal interpretations
What is Dieselpunk ?
It is what happens next when Steampunk ends in the early 1900s.
Its time period is roughly 1920s through to early 1940s
You will see here many of the locations that have appeared in other Drune sims.
This because they belong here.
In a way I have always been building this sim, just adding cyberpunk elements to it.
The most iconic movie of the genre, Blade Runner, owes a lot of what makes it special to the 1940s Noire look and feel and to an Art Deco aesthetics.
This era is also the starting point for many of the most well know superheroes.
Gotham is all 1940s Noire.
It has been a great pleasure and challenge to put this together.
if at times a bit of a struggle, as this period is not easy to buy for,
so I have been forced into blender far more than I like.
I have always had an interest in this time period as I was born not so far from it, when older people still talked about the war all the time.
But adding the “punk” kink to the period gives great scope for fantasy instead of getting stuck in being over accurate and heavy with it all.
So I get to add a period correct, but slightly off beam, Peaky Blinders Pub and brewery,
And I could not help adding a Bat mobile, that strangely looks very at home on the dark 1930s streets
There are also references to Raiders of the lost ark and King King. floating around.
Why call it Drune ?
Well anyone following the story so far will see straight away that this is the same layout that the first original; 5 or so Drunes followed.
In fact there was a Drune 1920s a year or so back from which this sim draws a lot of elements.
When I did that sim though I was pretty much oblivious to Dieselpunk, and even less DecoPunk, but I knew it was not Steampunk.
Discovering this a short while back inspired me to have another go at it, but this time with a full sim and endless prims.
This sim took just over a month of many hours a day to put together.
It has many details most will probably never see.
Regardless of what others may think of what I do, I am always aware of myself when I create something special,
I had this feeling with Venesha,
I get that feeling with this, it is for me unique.
I hope you enjoy it.

Social Structure
The sim is based on a very simple tier system
Top Level is where the ruling party’s offices are, Planning and Council rooms etc.
Next level is the commercial level, run by the usual Gangster and Triad types
Bottom Level is the industrial and dock level run by the Union
which bares a striking resemblance to a certain Birmingham gang.


There is no dress code, but those who get into the theme are much appreciated.
Just Google Dieselpunk Fashion or Decopunk Fashion and you will get the picture.

EEP/ Windlight

This sim is set to an EEP shared environment.
To get it go to, World Menu, Environment, Use shared Environment.
If you do not have EEP then something like “TOR night dark came over” might work.
Straight Night settings might be a bit to dark for it as I use the light given by the fog on the EEP setting I am using to give a base light.
But in the end, anything but daylight, which will look pretty bad I imagine.

I am very grateful for any donations you can make
They all go back into the sim and future builds in some way.
Thank you!


As usual the rules are dead simple

As military uniforms are very much a part of the Dieselpunk genre I feel I should just
make clear that no real world offensive symbolism should be worn I.e Swastikas or any other RL fascist symbolism.
You can imply as much as you like.

No vehicles of any kind to be rezzed or even worn in the sim!

Build is off.
If you wish to rez things for photos etc contact me and I will add you to the group

No Kids
No child avatars, this is an adult sim

No nudty
Stark nakedness is not so fitting for this period as it was for Cyberpunk,
However, feel free to show as much flesh as you like creeping out of your uniform

This is my home, not a corporate run entertainment venue
so please act as you would when visiting anyone’s home
Be respectful to the sim the owners, admins and others around you, then all will be fine.

Ask First!
If you want to do anything other than hang out or take screenshots then ASK FIRST!

Big Thanks
Thanks to AℳAƝƊA (AmandaBennet1967) for some amazing Dieselpunk Posters.
And thanks to my long-suffering best friend Valeria without whom all this would most likely not even be here.

Any big problems or ideas for events etc please contact: Hera, zee9

Please Enjoy!

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