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Elise is a photographer I have been following for a few months now and appreciate her extraordinary ability to make photography in Second Life seem simple.
Anyone who has tried to take virtual photographs in Second Life knows that getting a good result is by no means an easy feat. There are many factors that determine a good result, and for a beginner, it can be really complex to learn the art of virtual imaging.
Getting to know the best photographers can definitely be helpful for those starting out with learning, but also for those who like to explore the different styles that Flickr presents to us on a daily basis.

📷 Laundry Day

Oema: When did you start with Second Life Photography? Do you remember when you decided to dedicate yourself to this activity in Second Life?

Elise: I started to take pictures only for pleasure at the end of 2018. It was just a way to register good moments. Some months after some creators contacted me to blog and here I started to take pictures for some brands but always kept pleasure and work.


Oema: Do you have a specific photography style you create during in time? For example, do you prefer to edit images or think no editing is better?

Elise: I don’t edit a lot; I take all my pictures inworld, creating all my decors or using decorations on SIM I like. I don’t know how to use Photoshop a lot, only basis.

Oema:  What does it mean for you to be a fashion blogger? Do you think it’s a stressful activity, or do you do it just with passion without stress?

Elise: For me, being a fashion blogger is to be able to make the products come alive inworld; I mean people have to see the product, clothes, or déco, or animals like they will buy it. That’s a reason why I don’t edit. Sometimes can be stressful cause inspiration is not here and of course cause, we have deadlines to respect.

📷 Reflect(x)ion

Oema: What Second Life viewer would you suggest for photography and why?

Elise: I use Blackdragon, the quality here is the best for pictures but I won’t play with this viewer. For me, it’s just a picture viewer. You can really make good environments, adjust poses or create, and play with shadows.

Oema: Several people would love to learn photography but are in difficulty: what would you suggest to a newbie to learning Second Life photography? How did you learn specifically?

Elise: I learned by training, looking at other photographs, and listening to suggestions from friends.

📷 Day in Bed..

Oema: Everyone seems to be interested in becoming a fashion blogger: is it better to be a photographer or a fashion blogger in your opinion?

Elise: I like both parts; it’s important to make what you like, not to cumulate brans just to blog. If you don’t take pleasure in blogging, it will be seen in the photo. I keep this in mind and find a way to make fashion photography and not only blogpost.

Oema: Do you change your appearance often or do you identify yourself in a specific avatar?

Elise: I don’t; I am a red hair girl since the beginning. I just changed this year to be a little pink hair in summer. I just change the skin or when I’m obliged to but I like the idea my Avi stays recognizable and keeps my identity.


Oema: Finally, and thanking you for your time, what are your favorite stores for customizing your appearance? I mean for hair, skin, head, clothes, etc.

Elise: So many… for hair I like Doux and Tram, for skin I wear Avarosa and Deetalez, all my head are from Lelutka, my clothes are from RKKN, Sorumin, Nerido, Coldash, Tres Blah and so much more…
Thanks to you ♥


Elise Mersereau Flickr Gallery

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