3 – 7 November 20219 AM – 5 PM SLT

Friday, 5 Nov 7 AM SLT

Saturday, 6 Nov – 8 AM

Follow the Sun is back!

The fun & friendly festival that rocked Second Life in May 2021

is back this November bigger and better than ever!

We have exchanged the grassy fields of planet earth for the dreamy hills of another planet,

but what hasn’t changed is the fantastic platform we offer for music and art!

Once again we have a whole sim with plenty of space for music stages, dance floors and exhibition grounds.

Join us for the beauty of art and music!

Follow the Sun Teleport

Follow the Sun Festival 2021

Endless Knot 2021 / Mongolian Knot Blue v3 by Usher Piers

Visual artist from the Netherlands

3 – 7 November 2021 Follow the Sun Teleport

Toysoldier Thor

3 – 7 November 2021 Follow the Sun Teleport

The name, identity and brand of “Toysoldier Thor” was born back on January 23rd, 2008 when I first logged into SecondLife® (aka SL). Since then, Toy quickly embraced so many of its exciting communities. He immediately fell in love with building content and evolved this interest into establishing a successful presence as a Creator / Store Merchant. In fact, in 2010 LL ranked Toy within the top 7% of monthly revenue earners in SL. His top selling content has been line of sculpty landscape terrain theme packs branded as “Torn Lands”. Toy expanded his market by launching his content onto other grids like InWorldz where he has a store.

In April 2010, thanks to inspiration from other amazing creators / artists, he caught the “ARTIST” bug. Toy’s art quickly expanded from an SL Photography passion into a full fledged presence as an SL Artist. In 2011 he built a large 5 floor art gallery where he now displays over 80 of his wide range of art works – both 2D wall art and 3D mesh sculptures. His art has been exhibited in several other SL public & private art galleries. His art is uniquely known for providing his “Artist’s Comments” into each work. All his work is for sale.”Toysoldier Thor

Website FlickrFacebookTwitter Google+Deviant ArtAvatar Social NetworkToy´s Art Gallery & Landscapes Store

Talullah Winterwolf

3 – 7 November 2021 Follow the Sun Teleport

” I was trained in Art College in Fashion Design, since then some Photography work and now.. well…my creative outlet is somewhat blocked by the vagaries of reality…from which escapes at frequent intervals , that which you now look upon.

My inspirations come from many sources, but the common thread is that all my creative works be it fashion, a photograph or a painting tells a story in some form or other.
Some of the stories are deeply autobiographical, others could be inspired by a chance snippet of conversation, a memory, a line in a song or book…each one contains an emotion I was feeling strongly at the time.

I like to create a character with a life in each piece I do…mostly I think they are actually just little bits of me – (A bit scary to look at sometimes , so don’t look too deeply!

In creating each piece I have realized that the very effect of creation and layering is suggestive of the way our memories and experiences are layered on top of each other and each whole is the sum of many parts.” Talullah Winterwolf

Macz ‘n’ Galagan

3 – 7 November 2021 Follow the Sun Teleport

“If your feet hurt (foot reduction), your left arm hurts (posture correction) and you have a headache (head enlargement)… sorry, I couldn’t help it, it was due to the artistic demand.

All this sounds familiar to you? Then you probably fell into the hands of Macz and Galagan for one of their pictures and became a victim of one of their creative, sometimes somewhat crazy ideas.”

Macz and Galagan

Dulcis Taurog

3 – 7 November 2021 Follow the Sun Teleport

Dulcis creates her art within Second Life.

All of the colors, shapes and effects are from objects that she created inworld.
Dulcis experiments with effect settings such as shininess, glow, transparency, brightness, broken objects, lighting, water refraction and others.

She uses very little post-processing in order to retain a freshness and truth in her work. The works are an original view of Second Life taken with an inquiring, abstract, artistic eye.”

Piscina Mirabilis

Dulcis designed and built this gallery inspired by an ancient Roman water cistern in Naples, the Piscina Mirabilis.

Dulcis Taurog Gallery @ Trinity

Dulcis designed and built this gallery inspired by the colorful architecture of Luis Barragan and Ricardo Bofill. The entire gallery is set at an angle to make the best use of shadows. Her hope is that photographers will find it a beautiful place to take pictures. This LM will land you in front of Elysian fields, a gift to you from Dulcis.

Dragon (dragonangelvs)

3 – 7 November 2021 Follow the Sun Teleport

“Italian artist,

With passion for art since childhood, I always mixed digital and various mediums with classic natural painting, my works are inspired from Dali and Picasso and they represent my emotions and visions, with always a hidden message, to make the viewers think and meditate on actual life, and its values and problems, with an abstract and surreal vision I bring my world to the art scene, with a dark goth touch and sometimes a colorful contrast of colors from impressionist palette.”

Dragon (dragonangelvs)


3 – 7 November 2021 Follow the Sun Teleport

“I write. And from my heart & from my head my words form my thoughts. And from my thoughts a picture evolves. And from this evolving image a video appears. And it goes on …. and on from my heart and from my head.”

About this exposition:

Close to Phobic

Will you?

Be quick?

Will you?

Feel sick?

Hurry now….

You’re Close To Phobic

Enter into the Monolith and ….


Follow the Sun Festival 2021

Art Promotion

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