Genus Project accused to violation of the DMCA

For a few hours, the Genus Project published on Facebook that someone has made a complaint against them for violation of the DMCA. It is in simple words of a breach of Copyright, so whoever filled this formal form is accusing Genus Project of copyright infringement. In other words, they would have copied.

What is perplexing is that Genus Project had to remove all its items, and its store is currently not available. All the practice must be brought to the attention of a judge, and only after the Court has ruled, if Genus Project will obtain a positive outcome of the dispute, it will be able to put its articles on SecondLife up for sale again.

For completeness of information, I leave below the Linden Lab page that talks about the possibility of sending them a DMCA complaint and the relative form that whoever accuses a Creator must fill in.

Another aspect that I find significant is that Genus Project has specified that the accuse coming from another creator. However, it says that it does not know the identity of this person.
Genus Project specifies that it has already come into contact with Linden Lab.

I find relevant is that this accusation concerns all the objects created by the Genus Project and not only a part.

The announcement posted on Facebook sparked a general uproar, including outraged comments against competitors, and supporting comments.
The uproar has continued rather long to that other creators have expressed their support for the Genus Project and have openly declared that they are not the authors of this accusation; in particular, they have pronounced Catwa, Lelutka, and Akeruka.

The same Genus Project creator had to ask their customers education and not to accuse anyone. On the other hand, she is not aware of who is the author of this report. For this reason, as long as there are no certainties, it is important to remain polite and respectful towards other creators.

Genus Project specifies that all items that have the buyers will continue to be usable in their inventory. Of course, it will no longer be possible to purchase items from the Genus Project, nor will there be any new updates on the products already released.

I hope that this situation will be over soon. I believe that Genus is an original brand in Second Life, so I think that this unpleasant incident will be resolved with a positive outcome for them.

Oema Pralou

Oema Pralou

2 thoughts on “Genus Project accused to violation of the DMCA

  1. Thank you for allowing Genus fans to have a say in here. So tired of bloggers silencing us after they’ve post about this issue.

    Interestingly, the take on this by rl school teachers is that, in their experience, “the very first person to come forward and deny involvement in trouble is almost always the perpetrator”.

    Someone’s clearly so eaten up with jealousy over Genus’ hard earned success that they wanted them tied up and out of the way for a while.

    And it’s disgustingly unfair that the troublemaker is legally protected with anonymity while Genus is publicly humiliated, forced to cease business, lose income, and have to prove their innocence.

    The law is an impotent ass for spouting its tired old slogan of, ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Clearly that’s not even remotely the truth, which is the kind of behavior I’d expect from a communist country.

    I hope that whomever is behind this supreme act of raging, petulant jealousy will be exposed when this is all over and Genus returns to it’s rightful place as a first class creator.

    I feel disinclined to use and promote any other brand of head but Genus’ from this day forward until – and unless – the perpetrator is publicly exposed, because as a customer who spends a great deal of rl money on bento heads and skins, I’m taking a stand in support of Genus.

    Until – and unless – we know who the culprit is, no other head creator will get a single L$ from me from now on; I wont be creating shapes for any other brand but Genus – profit be damned!

    And if we’re never told, then I’ll never create shapes for anyone but Genus. Simple as that.

    This kind of jealousy and vindictiveness amongst creators should never be rewarded with anonymity and if and when they are, then as far as I’m concerned, customers need to take a stand.

  2. I still think it was Catwa. Just in time to rake in money off those US stimulus checks being handed out. Of course Catwa isn’t going to admit that she filed the DMCA and create heat towards herself. Shes already getting heat because of past DMCA stuff she has done towards others. I would be shocked if this wasn’t Catwa’s doing. Catwa is no dummy in working the system and executing things at the right time. Get that Covid money!


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