A follower asked me to realize a video about how to customize the GENUS Strong Face (Gift Edition) and the Legacy Mesh Mody (Gift Edition).

I’ve made a live streaming to show how I customize these two great and totally free items.

This post integrates the video (I couldn’t make it too long) about the Genus and Legacy’s HUD tab and BOM tips.

What you need to wear

GENUS Strong Face (GIFT edition)

  • GENUS Project – Genus Eyes v1.4
  • GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strong Face GIFT001 – v1.7 – Mocap
  • GENUS Project – Genus Jaws v1.1
  • GENUS Project – Genus Neck Fix v1.2
  • GENUS Project – Head Alpha
  • GENUS Project – Setting Universal HUD v1.3 – SMALL

Teleport to GENUS Project (when it will be available again)

LEGACY Mesh Body (GIFT Edition)

  • [BODY] Classic (f) (1.2.1)
  • EDIT (Upscaled)
  • [FEET] Classic (f) (Classic Fit) (1.1)
  • [HANDS] Classic (f) (1.1)
  • IMPORTANT: don’t wear any alpha channel! You need to activate BOM on the HUD.

Teleport to LEGACY (be sure to be part of this group before teleporting: secondlife:///app/group/62324162-b5a6-3521-5c5e-f44fae20c4a2/about)

How to Activate BOM for LEGACY Mesh Body

If you don’t see the skin tab in your LEGACY mesh body, go to the Preferences tab of your Viewer and activate it in the audio and media tab.

Allow scripts to play media/play media worn by other avatars + Media Auto Play → Enabled.

Wear the Deetalez Skin (Applier for your head and BOM for your body)

I choose this skin for the look I created.

DeeTaleZ Appliers for Genus Heads Rafaela Mixedtype

You can find it @Deetalez Mainstore.

Wear in this way:

  • Body Mixedtype
  • DeeTaleZ Appliers for Genus Heads Rafaela Mixedtype (attach and apply the skin and the make-up also if you like). When done, remove the applier, keeping wearing the skin.

Wear the BEAUTICONIC shape

For a perfect result I suggest this shape from BEAUTICONIC. It costs 1 L$ for all group members (50 L$ to join).

Group to join: secondlife:///app/group/76c279b0-a84b-4fba-af13-4a45795e244e/about

Teleport to BEAUTICONIC.

BEAUTICONIC shape I suggest to use

It’s all for this customization.

???? Important notice! This is NOT a tutorial about GENUS strong head and LEGACY mesh body. I am just proposing a kind of customization using these two free items.

My Youtube Video

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