Glamazon is a new fashion event that I am pleased to introduce to our readers.
VIRTUALITY only promotes a few fashion events, both because the blog’s primary purpose is not to share shopping events, and because I think it is only fair that I suggest fashion events where I myself would go shopping; those shopping opportunities that I consider valid, in short.

Glamazon caught my attention on Flickr because it represents a refined and elegant event. All lovers of the sophisticated look are invited to visit the inworld event whose references I leave at the bottom of the article.
The CEO of Glamazon is Dahriel Nova, an experienced fashion event organizer. He is CEO of GLAMAZON Boutique Event, Jail Event, The Darkness Event, XXX Original Event, 101L Event, and POSEvent.
Glamazon has been open since 23 April and already has several designers who have put beautiful creations up for sale.
The theme is fancy, glamorous, elegant style, and it’s for original creators only.
Below is a list of all the designers and their images.


Glamazon Inworld
Glamazon Gallery


April 23rd – May 16th

The event takes place on the 23rd of each month.

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