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February, 4th – 1 pm SLT

Art Experience presents, “In The Stone” – the art installation by Blue Tsuki.

Music set by Debora Kaz

Welcome for the beauty of art!

“In The Stone” – Art Experience – Teleport

Blue Tsuki Bio

“Blue Tsuki is both a Second Life artist/builder and a RL fine artist.

He has worked for many years in a variety of mediums. Trained as a painter and printmaker he has a history of experimentation and unique process art-making. He has shown painting, mixed media sculpture installations, unique process photography, interactive electronic music sculpture, traditional graphite drawings and digital prints.

Blue has worked with computers for many years with a concentration on art and design.

He has become deeply involved with the potential of Second Life as an art medium, pursuing installations and interactive sculptures.”

More informations, about Blue Tsuki and his work in my “Interview with Artist”

Blue Tsuki – Website – Flickr

Art Promotion

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