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Anu Papp

Anu Papp has been in Second Life since April 1, 2007.

Anu is a philanthropist, poet and musician who embodies the spiritual world, be it dance or photography, she is always interested in opening the hearts and letting light in.

She began her musical journey at the age of four, made rapid progress and became one of the youngest concert pianists at the age of nine. Her love for photography awoke at the age of 15.

As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, she feels strongly inspired by meditation and spiritual music.

Guided by strong feelings and emotions, always with the desire to “leave a golden nugget in the souls of others”.

Anu always manages to connect the world with the power of music, be it through the creator of the sacred dance Shamballa to a live performance.

As an established content creator and photographer, Anu has always been involved with art.

Anu says that for her, dancing is like dreaming on the feet.

As part of a group of people who share a common admiration for movement art, and in her role as the founder and CEO of the Muse Dance Company, Anu plays an important role in the art community of Second Life.

I would like to end my short introduction to interview with Anu with a quote:
“Yoga was made for a person to be healthy, happy, and holy. Kundalini Yoga was made to be healthy, happy, and holy and aware! The secret of your soul is awareness. ”

Witnessing by Anu Papp
Interview with Anu Papp


Your life without art would be …

Anu: Art for me is the blood of life. Without it would be a sad, huge void.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Anu: As a Kundalini Yoga Instructor as taught by Yogi Bhajan, my practice drives much of my inspiration which includes meditation and sacred music.

What is your work about?

Anu: My work whether it be by dance or photography focuses on opening one’s heart and allowing the light to enter.

How is the artistic process like there? Do you see an object / person / landscape first and then the idea comes up? Or is it upside down?

Anu: I would say an emotion begins the process. A feeling. From there things evolve.

Camondo by Anu Papp

Your mantra?


Ad Guray Nameh
Jugad Guray Nameh
Sat Guray Nameh
Siri Guru Devay Nameh


I bow to the primal wisdom.
I bow to the wisdom through the ages.
I bow to the true wisdom.
I bow to the great unseen wisdom.

Currently, the best place for you in SL?

Anu: My home, Ravenhart region.

A question that moves you right now …

Anu: How can I leave a golden nugget in the souls of others?

My forever by Anu Papp

Is there a work of art in your life that particularly impressed you?

Anu: R.W. Macbeth, The Elixir of Love sketch which I own in RL. Based on the opera by Donizetti.

What is art for you – now completely independent of the usual definitions?

Anu: Art is not constant, ever evolving non-tangible.

Was there a key experience or has the artist profession always been your dearest wish?

Anu: I have been an artist of many medium all my life. Its in the fiber of who I am.

Global Sisterhood of SL by Anu Papp

What drives you?

Anu: Truth.

Do you feel understood with your art?

Anu: Yes.

Do you think that you can make a difference with your art?

Anu: Yes.

Do you think that everyone is an artist?

Anu: Everyone has the ability to tap into something sacred. From that come a feeling which can be transcribed into art in one form or another.

Do you have any role models? If yes, which?

Anu: Paolo Soleri, archiect.

What does the term art mean to you?

Anu: Experience created through expression.

Wicked Game by Anu Papp

Are there any topics that you are particularly interested in implementing?

Anu: None at the moment.

What is your strength?

Anu: Leader.

What was the best advice you have ever received in SL?

Anu: Never take yourself too seriously – by Lizzy Renard who left her body in 2018.

Your next projects, exhibitions. Where your art can be seen?

Anu: Muse Theater, State of Grace performance. Sunday 13th June at 9 am SLT

5 June 2021 – 1 PM – “Summer of Love” by Anu Papp at Dixmix Gallery

Anu Papp Bio

Long term resident Anu Papp is a philanthropist, poet and musician who embodies the spiritual.

Founder and director of the Muse Dance Company, Anu states. To be a part of a beautiful group of people who share a common admiration for art in movement is the greatest feeling both personally and as an artist. Dancing is like dreaming on your feet.

Since 2007 Anu has been a part of the dance community and played an intricate role in connecting the World through the power of music. From creator of Shamballa Sacred Dance to live performances. An established content creator and photographer, Anu has been always been involved in the arts.

In real life, Anu began her musical journey at the young age of 4. A child protege, she became one of the youngest concert pianists, joining the symphony at the age of 9. A photographer since she was 15, her ability to capture the essence in all she photographs has been her mark.

“Nomad Souls” WebsiteMuse -Dance WebsiteFlickr – E-Mail:

Winter by Anu Papp

Art Promotion

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