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7 thoughts on “LINDEN NEW FANTASY HOMES + SL18B – Second Life

  1. I wish my laptop wasent a toaster so i could actually go around and see all this. As for the house they are really cute but i agree maybe they could had make them different, interior wise that can be change easy.

  2. I aprecate try but this doesnt look like style for me. Feels bit primmy and reminds me outside those old buildings what you can when you wander on SL roads. I too would imagined smth different – Maybe not 4 styles of same style houses but – 1.hobbit houses in hills, 2.fairy houses on trees, 3.mermaid houses in water and maybe this one for 4th style.
    Still waiting for modern scandinavian style with lot of light and space inside and well situated into landscape with good views but with option have it without additional yard, just house,

  3. I could of even see part of a tree growing in the house maybe, could have added something interesting with them. Not so modern. It's like the outside was to be the gimmick. Hard with so many prims to really get a look with furniture I guess.

  4. Honestly, nothing about these houses is fantasy. They did amazing on the land but then the houses wre an after thought. I have to agree with the caves, and hobbits houses, and mermaid underwater houses. This is just horrible.

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