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I am honored to introduce you short Film “Mon Metaverse” by Tutsy NAvArAthnA.

With this wonderful created short film our dearst friend & artist, Tutsy NAvArAthnA presents, the plethora of beauty and the ineffable possiblities for the creativity and freedom in Second Life.

But also, he brings us the questions that are relevant;
What are the characteristics of the metaverse and the pros and cons that come with it.

The Metaverse breaks down these barriers and the separation between the virtual and real worlds and leads to the merging of both worlds. Many companies now rely on us being able to jump products directly and seamlessly from one web service to another, where they can take people from the real world and dive into the digital world with them.

Everyone wants to make this vision a reality. It is worth taking a look at Second Life, which is somewhat ahead of its time as it has become a prototype of a metaverse.

And we users of Second Life have developed and realized our creative sites, our friends and families have founded, we hope that commercialization will not steal our freedom and imposed laws.

“Faced with a system increasingly dominated by normalizing algorithms in the service of a radical, conservative, authoritarian right, supported by all the media. Our freedoms and democracy are being seriously challenged!
It seems that it is high time to express our disagreement by all means and in all directions.
The emergence of the Meta project, hailed as a revolution in cyberspace, is only the tip of the iceberg, which as Yann Minh puts it, “leads us to a paternalistic, infantilizing future similar to the times when religious morals massively imposed their absurd rules on individuals.

We can still, I hope for a moment, immerse ourselves in this surrealist space of freedom. A freedom where poetry, magic, science fiction, dreams and sensuality coexist. This what a true metaverse can look like,
entirely created by its residents and not yet ruled by the powers of money!” – Tutsy NAvArAthnA

“With each new digital turn of the screw, the structures (social, economic) of the present are being locked down a little more. Are we not witnessing a conservative digital revolution, impacting our ways of life, our ways of thinking, and even our ways of social regulation, to the benefit of an algorithmic “governance” that is dangerous for public liberties and democracy? The urgency of developing critical points of view on these transformations is becoming more and more apparent every day.” – Matthieu Belbèze

3D Artist
Cica Ghost
Rachel Breaker
Cherry Manga
Giovanna Cerise
Bryn Oh
Joe Ellsmere
Vincent Presley
Marina Münter
Haveit Nox
Eupalinos Ugajin
Theda Tammas
Meilo Minotaure
CapCat Ragu
Mario2 helstein
Alpha auer
Romy Nayar
Mistero Hifeng
Fiona Fey
Megan Prumier
Igor Ballyhoo

Presented Areas
Before Dawn
Drune Giger City
The Brittle Epoch
Alpha Tribe
North Korea
DiXmiX Gallery
Midnight Paris
Flashmans on the ground
Vegetal Planet
La Maison dÁneli

Kurt & Dorfmeister “Useless”
Carbon Based “Photosenthesis”
Les Chats Furieux

Art Promotion

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