When Cyan Worlds brought the iconic puzzle title Myst into VR last year it was an Oculus Quest exclusive. Today, the studio has confirmed its working on expanding support for this new edition, for PC VR headsets as well as standard pancake gaming.


Launching a new Steam page as well as confirming the news via Twitter, Cyan Worlds is developing Myst for both PC and Mac, with the SteamVR version supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index. Not only confirming a launch window of Q3 2021, but the studio has also released several screenshots which look gorgeous. While Myst on Oculus Quest didn’t look bad it certainly had to be reined in due to the hardware. As the images showcase, the team is certainly making use of that extra headway ensuring this edition of Myst could well be the best looking yet.

Apart from the visuals, there’s probably very little difference between the Quest and PC versions, utilising all the work Cyan Worlds previously did to ensure an engaging VR experience. This saw the team take the original point and click adventure all-new art, sound, and most important interactions. Players can push buttons and flip levers to solve numerous puzzles, engaging them in the world at every turn. 

But the studio has still remained faithful to the original 1993 videogame using the exact same locations and retaining the narrative, uncovering a story of ruthless family betrayal. Once you’ve completed the campaign or for those well acquainted with Myst there’s a puzzle randomisation option to mix the experience up.


When reviewing the Oculus Quest version of Myst VRFocus said: “There will always be that nostalgia value for Myst to draw on and many players of a certain age will likely relish being able to truly step into this world for the first time. It’s no longer the groundbreaking experience it once was, yet Myst can still challenge players in its own unique way.”

As and when Cyan Worlds release further details of the PC edition of Myst, VRFocus will let you know.

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