It’s the beginning of the end for Oculus Quest and the start of the beginning for Meta Quest, as Meta (formerly Facebook) moves to erase the Oculus brand in order to bring its XR division more in line with its fresh brand identity.

Following its big rebranding from Facebook to Meta, the company is beginning the process of dissolving the longstanding Oculus brand. The official website can now be seen sporting new branding at the top with the words Meta Quest and the company’s new logo.

Most of the site’s remaining copy still says “Oculus Quest” where relevant, but it’s clear that this won’t last long.

Meta has confirmed that Meta Quest will the be product’s new name going forward and that updated product packaging will soon bear the mark starting in early 2022. That will coincide with a steady transition of documentation, marketing, apps, and services that were once ‘Oculus’ becoming known as Meta, including the Oculus smartphone app which will become the Meta Quest app.

Ostensibly the domain will be retired at some point to, and is likely to be hosted under or a similar subdomain.

Facebook announced its new name last month during the Connect 2021 conference where it shared its vision for the metaverse and made clear that this would be its primary focus moving forward.

The name change is more than just getting rid of the Oculus brand. Meta is using the opportunity to align its XR and metaverse initiatives more clearly under a single brand (previously they were spread between Facebook, Oculus, and Spark), while leaving the Facebook name to describe its social media app. That means the company’s growing XR and metaverse division, Facebook Reality Labs, will also be known as Meta Reality Labs going forward.

For Facebook Meta and its Oculus customers, it’s a notable end of an era and the beginning of something new.

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