Respawn Entertainment and Oculus today announced that the PC VR game Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond (2020), notably one of the worst-rated Oculus Studio partner titles, is being slimmed down to fit on Oculus Quest 2. Launch is slated for sometime “later this year,” and will include the full game.

Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond launched on the Oculus PC platform and SteamVR headsets back in December 2020, bringing the storied franchise to VR for the first time.

The Oculus Quest 2 version is said to include the full Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond single player campaign, multiplayer mode, and the living history of The Gallery, a set of live-action documentary shorts featuring WWII vets.

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Out of the games partnered with Oculus Studios, Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond didn’t fare very well out of the gate, having initially garnered middling reviews for a Metacritic score of 67/100. A few months after launch, it still ranked among the worst-rated games when we stacked up the top 25 ‘big bet’ games supported by the company.

In our review [5/10], we noted that Medal of Honor featured a competent multiplayer mode, although its core gameplay pillars and polish were decidedly lacking. Polish to the PC VR version has improved to some degree with subsequent updates, garnering a ‘Mostly Positive’ recent rating on Steam, however the consensus from over 1,400 user reviews leaves it with an overall ‘Mixed’ user rating.

The launch of Medal of Honor exclusively on Quest 2 continues a slow trend of developers pulling back from supporting the original Quest headset, with Resident Evil 4 arriving in October as one of the most prominent Quest 2 exclusives to hit the Oculus Store.

We’re also hoping Respawn has reconsidered Medal of Honor’s $60 price tag. If not, that would make it one of the most expensive games on the platform, coming in at $20 more than the universally-acclaimed The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (2020).

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