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For some days, some scammers have been robbing unsuspecting Second Life users by pretending to be famous creators.

Scammers often go to places where there are highly visited events or situations and give avatars present objects with a captivating title such as “Catwa Bento Head GIFT” and “Lelutka Bento Head Unisex.

Of course, these are just examples, the imagination of scammers is remarkable, so I recommend paying attention to the objects you receive, especially to highly visited events or places.

If you distractedly accept an object from someone you don’t know or who pretends to be a famous creator, delete it immediately. You mustn’t wear or rez the object in question. Otherwise, you will authorize the scammer to take your lindens.

I also recommend removing the payment method after loading the amount you need: in this way you will be sure that they will not be able to charge you costs on your credit card or PayPal in case of account theft.

It is important to remember that creators generally distribute gifts and objects via redeliveries or panels found in the main store. No gift or item is delivered directly, so if you receive an item that comes from a creator directly, you can easily reject it.

If you accidentally lost some updates, you could get it again by going to the main store.

On the blog, you can find several messages posted on Facebook, both by those who suffered the theft and by creators who have been falsely impersonated by scammers.

If you, unfortunately, experience such a scam, immediately open a ticket to Linden Lab.
Falsely impersonated creators cannot refund you.

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