Scribbled by Cica Ghost in Second Life

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Scribbled,” an installation by the talented 3D artist Cica Ghost in Second Life, opens its doors today. It is a captivating and imaginative virtual world that will transport visitors to the carefree days of childhood.

Cica Ghost, an experienced and well-known artist in Second Life, has crafted a black-and-white environment that mimics children’s scribbles. The stylized houses, flowers, animals, insects, and even a UFO, all appear as if they were drawn by a child. The recurring word “dance” adds to the positive and playful atmosphere of the installation.

However, to fully appreciate the beauty of this landscape, it is important to accept the lighting settings of the region. This will enhance the contrast and the details of the installation, making the experience even more immersive.

As visitors explore “Scribbled,” they will find themselves surrounded by a world that is both familiar and yet fantastical. The simplicity of the black and white palette, the childlike drawings, and the interactive elements invite the viewer to let go of adult preconceptions and embrace the playfulness of the installation.

Cica Ghost has created an immersive and interactive experience that encourages visitors to explore, interact, and dance. With its whimsical and imaginative design, “Scribbled” is a must-see installation for anyone looking to experience something truly unique in the virtual world of Second Life.

We invite visitors to leave a tip in Cica Ghost’s tip jar as a way to support the artist and her work.

→ Teleport to “Scribbled”

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