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I am visiting the Paola Mills Art Gallery exhibition. It’s called “Confusion,” and it’s the collection of her latest virtual images hosted by the DiXmiX Art Gallery, owned and curated by Dixmix Source. The majority of her exhibited photographs are in black and white, but a couple of pictures that you can find by entering the right of the gallery catch my attention.

These images are not black and white; both have colors that are important for defining the emotional impact that the photograph has on the visitor.

The artist created the larger image through the overlapping of the layers, and the colors help to define the story, the emotional state of the artist, it is the emotional impact that the image must have on the visitor.

Paola Mills, “Confusion”
Paola Mills, “Confusion”

The image on the right also has colors that play an essential role in describing the story Paola wishes to tell. These are not bright colors or that show a high visual impact, but they are nevertheless crucial for defining a situation, for describing an emotion, for making a perfume imagine a life experience that is worthy of note for the author.

I believe that the title “Confusion” has certainly adapted, taking into account that each image conveys confusion, a sense of uncertainty, and perhaps also of inadequacy in which the protagonist in the photos seems to be.

Doubt, confusion can be of various types and may concern different sectors of life. In some cases, it may be uncertainty regarding one’s aesthetic appearance; in other cases, it may be uncertainty about work. In some cases, it may be more uncertainty regarding life in general, one’s path to be taken, what one has achieved in one’s life, and many other aspects that can generate safety in ourselves.

Paola Mills, “Confusion”
Dixmix Source @Paola Mills’ exhibition

Paola, through her images, tells about the insecurities. Not necessarily her insecurities, but those that characterize the life of each of us. Always develops them through images that shout a form of unease. A confusing situation is told through sharp photos, not merely metaphors from which a case is inferred. Paola’s images are direct; they go straight to the problem.

As I said, Paola often uses black and white images, but making wise use of lights, through which she enhances some points of the scene that emphasize the drama, she wishes to represent.

Paola Mills, “Confusion”
Paola Mills, “Confusion”

Paola’s performance is on two floors, therefore entering the entrance, you can see the first images, but I advise the visitor to go up the stairs that he can find on the left also to appreciate the pictures that are on the upper floor. As always, Paola amazes and impresses with the direct way in which she transmits her emotions, without worrying too much about what she can stir up in others.

You can find all the references at the bottom of the article where you can also find the link to Paola Mills’ Flickr.


DiXmiX Art Gallery (new LM)

Paola Mills Flickr

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