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How do you create a proportionate body shape in Second Life? Are there any rules?

Second Life is a virtual world where users can create and customize their avatars, which are graphical representations of their character within the world. Creating an avatar with realistic proportions can be a bit complicated, as there are many options and possibilities for customization.

A good general rule is to follow the proportions of real human bodies, as these are the proportions that most people are used to seeing and perceiving as natural.
In general, the proportions of the human body can be divided into three sections: head, torso, and limbs. The head should be about one-eighth of the total body height, the torso about half, and the limbs should be about three-quarters. There are also some specific proportions to consider, such as the length of the arm relative to the length of the chest, or the width of the shoulders relative to the length of the torso.

In Second Life there is a shape editor where you can modify the appearance of your avatar, such as the length of the arms, the size of the head, the length of the legs, etc. You can adjust these parameters using the shape editor to get a proportionate body shape.

You can also use already created avatar models, using this as a base to create a custom avatar.

In general, creating an avatar with realistic proportions requires a bit of patience and experimentation. I recommend using references to the proportions of real human bodies to help create an avatar that looks natural and believable.


Everyone is free to create his/her avatar as he/she likes; in this post, we don’t express any judgment, we just want to give help to all of the ones who want a realistic shape, inspired by real life.

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