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Linden Lab™ has created a new space within the site relating to Second Life, where it explains how it can be a valuable tool for work, education, meeting, and any activity that you must carry out remotely. In particular, Linden Lab focuses on business, explaining how the virtual world can undoubtedly be helpful to people who need to meet, interact with each other, pass on material, see a video together, and many other things all within the same virtual environment. We are also talking about a stable virtual environment, which does not fall continuously, and where people have the opportunity to exchange views and pass on material and information useful for carrying out their business. In an interesting video made by Draxtor, you can explore how Second Life is used for educational purposes. Some universities implemented the possibility of creating virtual classrooms where pupils interact with each other and with the professor. The classes are like the real ones where the pupils have the opportunity to confront the professor and each other. As we know, there are platforms such as Skype, Google Meet, and many others that allow this form of interaction. But anyone who has experienced these forms of communication knows that, beyond a certain number of users, a crush is practically inevitable. 

Linden Lab would like to point out that this Second Life promotion for business and distance education has not the intention to speculate on the awkward moment we are experiencing. It seemed to make a shabby promotion of its product by taking advantage of the situation. 

I think Second Life is a tool, so what you do with it is your responsibility. You can use the tool well or poorly, of course. This one is up to you. As I said in the previous article, at this moment, it can be a great help, both as a distraction tool and as an interaction tool. 

In my previous post, I dealt with the topic of distraction, but in fact, Second Life is also a powerful tool for interaction. There are live events in which up to 100 people can attend at the same time and follow the same function.

In my opinion, it can be an excellent tool. Psychologically it is essential to recreate the same environment that you would have within real Real Life. So if we talk about educational aspects, it is crucial to create an actual class within the virtual environment, so that people feel comfortable as they are in a known context. 

I think it is an excellent idea to promote Second Life as an interaction tool and a valid alternative to other devices such as Skype, Google Meet, and many others that do not, however, allow interaction with many people at the same time.

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