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Thanks to the suggestion of Jarla Capalini, a photographer I think is excellent in the panorama of SL bloggers, I had the pleasure to know Skrunda 2, a new destination with a post-apocalyptic/grunge style.
The owner is Titus Palmira, whose profile I explored to get to know him better. I admit that I was fascinated by his photographs posted on Flickr. It is a visual style not evident, which seems to be an exploration into a suffering society’s communicative world. Of course, this is only my impression, as I have not enjoyed exploring this topic with Palmira himself.
The king of half measures by Titus Palmira

Returning to Skrunda-2, this is a newly released destination that is seducing several photographers. In the description of the region, in about land, we find a short presentation, which catapults us into the representative intentions of the owner:

“Skrunda-2 is loosely based on the town of the same name in Latvia. It used to be run by Russians to house radar. They left in 1998 and what remains to this day is a complete but empty ghost town, a time capsule of Cold War paranoia and Soviet-style.”

Looking at the properties of the objects, for the most part, they are by Sofie (sofie.janic), who therefore seems to be the designer of Skrunda. I also found some items by Megan Prumier, who therefore collaborated on the photo destination.
Skrunda doesn’t have any particular jumps, except in some rare cases. These are points where the ground has been elevated to give rise to tunnels.


The aspect that impressed me the most is the quality of the objects chosen to decorate the region. Although the creators are different, the buildings blend well in style and make the landscape believable, realistic.

The idea of a lost, abandoned, the forgotten place has always attracted my curiosity, and post-apocalyptic movies, pictures, books, and whatever else is themed.

There is no lack of places to take nice pictures: to explore it and take pictures, I chose Black Dragon viewer, using the beautiful shadow effects that this viewer can offer.

Skrunda-2 is undoubtedly worth a visit. For those who love the style, you can join its group for free.
Finally, there is also a dedicated Flickr group, where bloggers and photographers are invited to share their images.


Titus Palmira Flickr
Skrunda-2 Flickr Group
Black Dragon Viewer

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