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SL15B is the official event organized by Linden Lab to celebrate the fifteenth birthday of Second Life®.
Knowing that SL® has existed for 15 years and that it is “in full swing” makes me very happy, because I believe that this virtual world has a lot to offer from different points of view and individually, as far as my dearest topic of interest is concerned, from an artistic point of view.
In fact, at the location set up for the official celebrations, there are many spaces dedicated to art.
On the official site “Second Life Community Celebration” I could find the SLURLs directed to the artistic parcels, even if there are spaces occupied by very valid artists that are not included in this list.
I will try to add them, although it is possible that someone will miss me. In this case, do not hesitate to report locations that I have not indicated in the comments to this article.
The theme of this prestigious event is crystal, so no surprise if you find the gems in the various art installations.
First of all, I would like to dwell on the space that the artist Mistero Hifeng dedicated to the SL15B event. Though on a small plot (the dedicated areas are, for obvious reasons, small, given the number of participants), he set up to remember his beautiful homestead to Retrospect. → Visit Mistero’s Space

SL15B Mistero Hifeng
SL15B Mistero Hifeng

Ciottolina Xue has also set up her limited space in an excellent way, reflecting her style and artistic essence. Also offers a gift, a rose that plays the guitar. It is a kind and very welcome gift for all passers-by. → Visit Ciottolina’s Space

SL15B Ciottolina Xue
SL15B Ciottolina Xue

Immediately next to the Ciottolina space are the evocative images of Vivena Resident. Again, I think space has been used in the best way and with exquisite taste. → Visit Vivena Resident’s Space

SL15B Vivena Resident
SL15B Vivena Resident

Also fascinating is the exhibition of Boudicca Amat entitled “Reflections.” Some of her images seem to recall essential artists of the past through the use of virtual images. → Visit Boudicca Amat’s Space

SL15B Boudicca Amat
SL15B Boudicca Amat

Finally, another masterfully designed space is “The Crystal Flower” by Silas Merlin. The crystal flower is a splendor to be discovered, inside a ruined castle as evocative as it is mysterious. → Visit Silas Merlin’s Space

SL15B Silas Merlin
SL15B Silas Merlin

For a list of spaces dedicated to art, you can refer to the link:
This list is not complete, several artists are missing as I mentioned before. The reason is, Mistero kindly explains to me, that to be present in that list it was necessary to make a special request.
Another reason to report locations of artists exhibiting at SL15B that you think should be visited.

Finally, a message from Ebbe Altberg, the CEO of Linden Lab



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