Meet me under the table fort at 8!


Hair: Dura – U114 @ Man Cave (June 17th – July 11th)

Shirt: Volver – Oliver T-shirt @ Access (June 12th – July 8th)

Necklace: kunst – Cross music player @ Kustom9 (June 15th – July 10th)

Shorts: Odiren – James Denim Shorts @ TMD (June 5th – 30th)


Taco: Attachment as part of the dust bunny taco dispenser (see below)

Drink: Attachment as part of the dust bunny drink dispenser (see below)


Table fort: Bad Unicorn – Table Fort @ Kustom9 (June 15th – July 10th)

Avocado: The Horror! – YumYumz – Mexican – Avocado @ Anthem (June 3rd – 30th)

Burrito: The Horror! – YumYumz – Mexican – Burrito @ Anthem (June 3rd – 30th)

Unicorn: Bad Unicorn – Chonky-Corn @ Anthem (June 3rd – 30th)

Food & drink: Dust Bunny – bunny bell @ Kustom9 (June 15th – July 10th)


        dust bunny – bunny bell – wrapped tacos

        dust bunny – bunny bell – meal box

        dust bunny – bunny bell – tacos

        dust bunny – bunny bell – bunwrap

        dust bunny – bunny bell – drinks




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