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This fall I would like to draw your attention to the SL fashion house of Hache. This designer has been one of my favorites ever since I discovered their oversize space-age dresses a good while back. And over the years they have not stopped impressing. 

Flashrtx who is the designer behind the Hache label specializes in couture balancing on the edge between fetish and femme fatale.

The ultimate precision around the body and architectural silhouette immediately gives an air of the most exquisite haute couture. Because the pieces are textured in rich and glossy latex, rubber and leather they have a fetish vibe yet never fall into the trap of turning cliché which unfortunately is the case of most latex styles. Instead, Hache’s leotards, catsuits, and matching ensembles are pushing the very boundaries of what high fashion is or can be when taken to extremes. 

Now, of course, one could argue that fashion is a fetish. Because of the intimate sensation, the body holds to clothing, beautiful garments have long been a source of fetishization.

With Hache, each of the pieces has the power to formally structure and cut upon the body in the same way the more restrictive bondage costumes do. Just check out the “Shell” catsuit that was released this summer for the Level Event. Or the equally stylish corseted swimsuit “Ambition” launched at Dubai Event in July. We are talking body-hugging rubber, cinched waists, and oversized padded hips – all of it design-favorites of mine. It’s like baroque but set in the futuristic with a dash of secret boudoir games.

The glossy texture of each piece adds an edgy twist to the feminine form, and I would go so far as to say House of Hache is a celebration of the über femme which makes wearing these garments feel totally empowering.

Shell” catsuit from Hache.

Hat and veil from Nylon Outfitters.

Ambition” corseted swimsuit by Hache.

Hat and hair by Nylon Outfitters.

Kim” outfit by Hache.

Hat by David Heather.

Heart” catsuit with a harness by Hache.

Hair: Nylon Outfitters.


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