The NEW Firestorm Viewer BETA EEP release Tutorial

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Firestorm viewer has released the beta version of its popular Second Life viewer, which supports the EEP (Environment Enhancement Project). This is a release …


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7 thoughts on “The NEW Firestorm Viewer BETA EEP release Tutorial

  1. I don't know what they've done to SL, but this looks awful and have spent hours trying to get it all back to where I loved my settings! So I took your advice and have left Firestorm for a much better viewer (in my opinion) for better sky and clouds, Alchemy.

  2. I use the same windlight since the day windlights come into SL and now to muck it up and install more "pretty?" I could complain about making SL better but that's harder. Moving the exact values and still it looks like an overblown star is going to blow up my skybox.

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