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The latest Firestorm Viewer release ( introduces several useful tools for helping our Second Life to be easy. Let’s explore together in this video tutorial. Suggestions and questions are very welcome.

Content Index

  • 1:17 Firestorm update to EEP, but still not introduces EEP items;
  • 2:29 You don’t need a clean install, just a settings backup;
  • 6:03 The Firestorm AO;
  • 9:41 Sitting Problems with Firestorm AO solved;
  • 12:46 Notice Group and Notifications at the bottom on the right;
  • 20:11 You can find your objects in a location;
  • 24:14 You can locally stop a sound in sound explorer;
  • 26:19 You can Search a word in a conversation;
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