27 February 2021 – 5 AM – 22 JST

To celebrate the release of Tia Rungray’s new album “STRUKTURO”, he will be streaming his performance along with a video production with VJ Hebeerryke Caravan.

Tia Rungrayの新アルバム「STRUKTURO」のリリース記念として、VJ ヘベレケ・キャラバン氏を迎えての映像演出と共に演奏配信を行います。

YouTube Live Stream

Teleport to SPIRALO

“Spiralo” is a virtual cultural complex produced by the noise-classical music project by Tia Rungray’.

The space includes a sound installation hall, a gallery, a café and a shopping floor.
The name “Spiralo” means “spiral” in Esperanto, and the name comes from the fact that the floors are arranged in a spiral pattern, inspired by the image of everyday life and art blending together in virtual life. The idea is to make it easier to enjoy high quality art activities in Second Life and to make visitors more aware of their close relationship to life. It functions to make everyday activities such as watching, listening, dressing, talking and photography more artistic.

We offer you a way to enjoy the time and space in which you can relax in everyday life.

Spiralo Gallery」はノイズクラシカル音楽プロジェクト「Tia Rungray」によってプロデュースされる仮想複合文化施設です。
Spiraloの名前は、エスペラント語で螺旋を意味しており、仮想生活における日常とアートが溶け合うことをイメージして、螺旋状に各階を構成したことに由来します。質の高いアート活動をSecond Lifeの中でより気軽に楽しみ、生活と密接な関係にあることをより強く意識してもらうためです。これにより、観る、聴く、装う、会話、写真撮影といった日常活動をよりアーティスティックに演出するための機能を果たします。

Producer: Tia Rungray

Architectural Design: Takayuki Noami (Non-REM Studio)
Architectural CG Modelling: Hazama

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Tia Rungray

Electroacoustic music called “Noise Classical” project.

Tia Rungray’s career began in 2013 with the release of his self-produced album ‘Foresta’.

Tia has been performing in the virtual space “Second Life” since 2013 and in the Tokyo area since 2014.

In 2016, he and Kenji Agata (video director) participated in the screening of various films at Senju LAB #1 (organized by composer Akira Senju). In March 2019, the music video “Dancing Fly in My Head” (directed by Kenji Agata) was released with the help of Akira Senju’s office, Tokyo University of the Arts COI and YAMAHA.

Tia is influenced by the ideas of Eric Satie and John Cage, among others. He has developed a unique style that incorporates ambient, post-classical and noise music. He has been creating and releasing instrumental music based on it. The combination of sophisticated piano and violent, ferocious noise creates a spiritual world and social scene.
He has been actively collaborating with video directors for concerts. On that stage, silence and madness coexist. It will look wild and raw. It even gives the audience a sense of madness.

On April 29, 2018, the album “MindgEsso” was published from “Cat&Bonito”. Akira Senju (composer) said, “I’ve heard the air of the future.” about it.

Tia’s Web Event Page

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