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A new dark and elegant look with just 3 items ♥

╰┈➤ Credits

  • KUNI – Olivia
  • Avada~ Ballerina Nude French Tips Nails – Legacy (Materials)
  • ^^Swallow^^ Snake Earring Left
  • ^^Swallow^^ Snake Earring Right
  • POISON ROUGE Eternity Hat – Red 1
  • [The Forge] Julia Gloves, Black, Right, Legacy
  • KIWY – Soraya Heels (Legacy)
  • Diversion – Julia Dress – Black (Legacy)
  • [The Forge] Julia Gloves, Black, Left, Legacy
  • Sweet Art – My Box Cigarette 1 ( Full Body Animation )

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A leap into the past
A leap into the past
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