After launching on Quest back in September of 2020 and “coming soon” to Steam ever since, the well rated VR mini golf game Walkabout Mini Golf finally has a July 15th release date on Steam, supporting all PC VR headsets and cross-play with the Quest and Oculus PC versions. The game was recently updated with its seventh course which will be included in all versions of the game.

Walkabout Mini Golf is… pretty much what you imagine: mini golf in VR. What makes it one of the best rated games on Quest is very likely its multiplayer capability which allows up to five players to play the game together, offering a pretty authentic feeling of hanging out together, chatting, and bragging about who’s in the lead.

While the game has been available on Quest and Oculus PC since September 2020, Steam users have been staring at the words “coming soon,” on the Walkabout Mini Golf Steam store page ever since then.

Today the studio finally announced a July 15th release date for Walkabout Mini Golf on Steam, and affirmed cross-play with all other versions of the game.

Joining friends on other platforms is easy thanks to a room system which allows you to make a private room with a given name. As long as other players (on any platform) have the name, they can join to get their putt on at any time—even if the round has already started.

Earlier this month Walkabout Mini Golf was also updated with a new course—the Western-themed ‘Bogey’s Bonanza’—bringing the count to seven 18-hole venues, including an unlockable ‘hard mode’ for each course which modifies holes with more difficult terrain. The game also offers a fun little scavenger hunt on each course by hiding a unique golf ball near each hole; each ball you find gets added to your custom ball collection. ‘Hard mode’ courses get their own version of this where players find clues which eventually unlock custom putters.

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