Today from 9am SLT onwards all people are in the Second Life Birthday group get early access to the Winter Shop & Hop Event and if you are in that group I for sure suggest you visit.
I went there yesterday like a blogger/vlogger and I have been impressed by the stores quality showcase for this winter edition.
As usual, each store gives at least a free gift without asking people to join a group.


  • 180 Second Life Content Creators are participating. (20 per region, 9 regions total)
  • Creators will give a 20% or more discount on items and have a free (non-group) gift for shoppers.
  • Creators will set up from December 2nd to 9th.
  • Bloggers will get early access on December 9th from 9am PT/SLT onwards.
  • Second Life Birthday Group will get early access to the event on December 10th from 9am SLT onwards.
  • The event is open to the public from December 11th from 9am SLT to January 3rd.

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