????How to Create your Dance AO for Second Life in Firestorm ????

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Have you ever felt the need to start to dance fast without losing time and going crazy between your inventory at least once in your (second) life?

If yes, you can find interesting the chance to create your dance ao in Firestorm viewer, which also has the benefit to prevent lag and a high complexity wearing (too) many HUDs.

Let’s see how to customize your DANCE AO for #SecondLife using #Firestorm viewer so you can quickly and fast use it when you need it.

The full Tutorial to build your AO in Firestorm by Cassie: https://youtu.be/j28wfz4G_r8

My previous video about Sara Jazz Funk Paragon‘s Animations: https://youtu.be/4mlbOEAa5mo

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