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The Noir’wen City Festival is a gigantic annual event that the visitor can explore in the two-three months of late summer and host by Noir’Wen city. The owners and creators are Belice Benoir and -Ñïéü ™ – (nieuwenhove).

Violet Boa, who works as a blogger on VIRTUALITY, suggested to me this region, and thanks to her, I had the chance to explore it.

The Noir’City Festival is an event, so it hosts many shops with exciting brands. Some of these brands were unknown to me, having never seen them at other events.
Every year the Noir’Wen city festival hosts selected artists, and I was able to appreciate more than 15 exhibition galleries in all, also in this case knowing artists who were unknown to me.

This year, the Noir’Wen City festival values ​​in a particular way Milena Carbone. At first glance, hearing the name, I thought it was Italian: instead, it is a French artist. Milena Carbone’s images are throughout the region, and it is impossible not to see them. However, there are also individual exhibition spaces structured as a classic art gallery where Carbone’s creations are traditionally exhibited to the visitor.
The artist’s technique is exciting, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen images made similarly. Color is a point of the picture that is enhanced on a chromatic predominance of black and white. The background looks like paper, suitably positioned in the artistic composition to give this natural effect.

Carbone’s art and the message are not just this. Violet explains to me that the artist was interested in giving a robust notice, in striking the visitor. The art center exhibits children’s images used for the war differently: letters were written by the same children accompany the photos. Carbone does address not only this issue but also that of homophobia and gender violence.

To be sure to explore every part of the region where the artist’s images are allocated, I recommend moving around using the teleports that are available in the main exhibition points of the area. Furthermore, by clicking on the small cubes above some advertising panels, it is possible to read the whole poem.

Milena Carbone is not only an artist of images but also an engaging storyteller. Her space on Medium is a demonstration of this, and I invite the reader to explore it.
In the last post, Milena talks about her artistic exhibition at Noir’Wen City, entitled Plead Guilty (specifically, collecting the images that the visitor can admire while wandering around Noir’Wen City).

I invite the reader to learn more about Carbone’s message and visit her blog on Medium and explore this gigantic art and shopping event. It was not easy to create an event that highlighted shops and art without smudging, but I must say that Noir’Wen City has succeeded in this aim flawlessly.

Noir’Wen City Festival Teleport


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