The first publication of 360 GRADI Magazine is finally OUT!

You can read it both in Italian and English and the HUD version is available at our magazine’s office.

We invite you all to join our inworld group also, to be informed about events, publications, and meetings with readers.

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You wanna free advertising on 360GRADI Magazine?
You can! Simply put, one of our kiosks (the bigger or the smaller one) at your land, and you’ll get free advertising of the value of 500 L$ (Logo/Banner with a custom link).
Fill this form to inform us about

360 GRADI Magazine (Versione Italiana)

360 GRADI Magazine (English Version)

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I love communication in all its aspects. I like to share my experiences, explorations, and knowledge with the Second Life community. I created the VIRTUALITY blog and 360 GRADI Magazine with this goal in mind.
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