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We have reached the third issue of 360GRADI Magazine.

The first novelty I would like to introduce is the entry into the team, albeit occasionally, of Serena Domenici. This is an exciting collaboration because Serena loves to write, and she does it with passion. I hope she will decide to be a permanent part of the team, giving the magazine a significant added value in the “destinations” sector.
The “brain, mind, and virtual reality” column has a huge success, thanks to Degoya Galthie’s professionalism. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback, and I’m delighted.
In this issue, we will talk about the artistic side of Cherry Manga, a very well known artist in the Second Life scenario. Her extraordinariness is her ability to stir emotions and have a strong visual impact. In this issue, we will have the chance to get to know her better.
On the musical front, Dorian Kash is the protagonist of this issue. A well-known Italian artist, each of his evenings is a moment of relaxation for the audience and a successful Dorian performance.
On the fashion front, we delve into the knowledge of Valentina E., a brand appreciated and known for its originality and quality. I enjoyed personally interviewing Valentina Evangelista, who promptly answered questions while also giving valuable suggestions to all those who wish to pursue a career as a fashion designer.
Jarla interviewed SadyCat Littlepaws, a highly regarded photographer, blogger, and blogger manager on the photographic front. It’s an opportunity to understand more about photography and how the world of bloggers and their recruitment works.
In wishing you a good reading, I always invite you to collaborate: if we manage to improve, it’s also thanks to readers’ suggestions.
See you at the next issue.


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