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We talk about two ideal destinations for photography in this new issue: Soul of Dreams and Lost Lagoon.
In psychology, we talk about Consciousness by addressing critical issues related to what it is and how it allows us to identify ourselves.
In photography, we talk about Arnoo Planer and his ability to improvise in capturing “stolen shots.”
In the area dedicated to art, we speak of Ciottolina Xue, an artist able to be powerfully communicative with his three-person works.
Asahra Lannok is the star of the musical sector of this number of 360 Gradi. She founded a singing school where classes are held in Second Life.
In the men’s fashion sector, we talk about TMD events and some look proposals.
Finally, we will talk about Camp Italia, an important reference point for the Italian community. An educational destination with many projects in the pipeline.


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