I really wanted to dedicate my first blog to a person who knows how to “tell stories” with her Art Pictures.

Maloe Vansant,

A lady from Belgium, who knows how to express her vision, through her work.

There are thousands of topics that Maloe draws attention to with her works; women’s rights, love, pain, transience, world events or certain personal values, literature, and poetry, and many more.

But for Maloe, it is always important that the topic is close to her heart and that we can see it in her pictures. Her art is about an idea, a statement, or a feeling, and she goes on it with devotion during the whole process.

No matter how small a statement maybe, even if it is just a single word, she always manages to convey the “feeling“ and still leaves space for interpretation by the viewer.

What I love in Maloes work is the entertainment, excitement, because she produces artistic & esthetic work, that easily shouts out something about her and her passion.

Maloe´s art photography has elegance and is sophisticated. With different colors/finishes, it always captures my attention easily. She presents elusive quality, allowing me to always understand her message and value her work.

Her art photos inspire and “speak stories” to all who are open enough to “find and hear” those.

I often feel enchanted by her artwork, sometimes I stand in front of of her art photos for hours and make a journey of a thousand miles…

Just one example, Maloe’s artwork “Until Tomorrow

We see half of a woman’s face in the shadows, around her eyes a dramatic pink-red color reflecting feelings and thoughts. Her mouth is slightly open, the corners of her lips pointing downwards.

The longer I look at the picture, the deeper it opens up a feeling of loneliness and a “shock stare.” She seems sad. I feel questions that have no answer. Expectation. “Until tomorrow” at this picture feels like an eternity.

Maloe Vansant’s works are featured in many Second Life galleries and magazines who greatly appreciate her work.

I’m talking here about a lady who is not only a wonderful artist, above all a woman who is gifted with the ability “to go deep,” one open-minded friend who never forgets his next, one big supporter of Art & Artist and someone always ready to help the one’s who just do their first “step” into the Art Photographie. In simple words, Maloe Vasant owns my highest respect as an artist and person.

Maloe’s next exhibition can be visited on September 19th 2020 at 12:00 PM SLT in Dixmix Gallery

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3 thoughts on ““A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

  1. I am so gratefull for this honor.my sl sister gives me here . Thank you so much Vio , you are always close to my heart

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